The Restaurant

The Restaurant is open year round with a full menu served daily. Meals are served from 5:30 pm with flexible closing hours.

The staff earnestly strives to meet your dining requirements. The food ranges from continental specialties to local favorites. Naturally, oysters are a specialty and when accompanied by a pint of Guinness, one could hardly ask for more! The oysters are harvested by Michael fresh from his own beds in the waters of the Shannon Estuary!

The atmosphere in the dining room is friendly with food prepared to a very high standard. Choose your drinks from the bar or from our extensive wine list!

We also cater for all kinds of functions. [more...]

The Arctic Charr

Keane's is the only restaurant in Co.Clare to offer you the opportunity to try this organic, exquisite fish, prized for its sweet tasting meaty flesh!

Although the Arctic Charr has only been introduced to the Irish market in 2006, it has already proven to be a major hit with chefs as well as discerning diners, who delight in the white meaty flesh with a taste that is between trout and halibut. It is low in fat, rich in Omega 3 and a source of many essential nutrients.

Arctic char or Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus) is an anadromous fish (both freshwater and saltwater fish) in the Salmonidae family, native to Arctic, sub-Arctic, alpine lakes and coastal waters. No other freshwater fish is found as far north. It is one of the rarest fish species in British Isles found only in deep, cold, glacial lakes, mostly in Scotland and Ireland. The Arctic Charr in Ireland and most of Europe are regarded as relict species, from a different era.

Additionally, each population of char in Ireland is essentially landlocked in as much as they have lost their migratory tendency, remaining in the one water from birth to death. In this way they have, over thousands of years of isolation, become genetically separable from neighbouring populations in adjacent lochs.

Arctic Charr are regarded as the most beautiful of the salmonidae family